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Contact: pamwilliams@pamwilliamswatercolours.co.uk

I’m a self-taught artist painting in watercolour since retirement and a member of the Hornsea Art Society. Most of my watercolours are scenes of my local area in the East Riding but I sometimes paint views from trips abroad to France, Italy, and Greece. This picture derives from a trip to Saint Rémy last year. We were sitting on a bench in the Camargue having lunch in front of a grove of tamarisks, one of the few trees able to stand the salinity and you find them all over the plain. I did a quick pencil sketch of them swaying in the gentle June breeze with their fluffy plumes and made notes on colour with watercolour pencil. This was the studio version based on that sketch and photos. It won the Daler-Rowney award in The Artist and Leisure Painter 2018 Open Art Competiiton at Patchings Art Centre (in 2017 Hornsea Art Society finished runners-up in the Art Club of the Year competition, run by The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines)